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Based on their primacy in DoD planning and resourcing, DSJ has placed significant focus on reporting on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) development.  Following are among the articles that DSJ has published on the topic:

Lt. Col Nick Kioutas, U.S. Army SUAS Product Manager

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Funding in FY15: Procurement Slated to Fall, R&D to Rise

-- Army Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Present Focus and Future Plans

DSJ had an opportunity at the AUSA Winter 2014 Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama for an extended discussion with Lt. Col. Nickolas Kioutas, the Army’s Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems product manager.  Our focus was to determine where the Army is going with its SUAS fleet and how and when it will get there.  Lt. Col. Kioutas explained that the November 2013 promulgation of a new Capability Production Document (CPD) for the Family of Small UAS – a plan a long time in coming – outlines where the Army wants to go.  He also described how he and this team intend to extend the reach and impact of the existing SUAS fleet while reducing its cost of sustainment.  The details are here....

-- NAVAIR releases RFI for long-endurance Small UAS

-- PM UAS: Competing Small UAS contracts has resulted in 30% cost reduction

-- Army taps two for new Shadow UAS engines

-- MQ-1C Gray Eagle settles in, branches out to Special Operators

-- News from the AUVSI Unmanned Systems 2013 Conference

-- Program Manager Unmanned Aircraft Systems (PM UAS) Looks Ahead

-- Army's Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle takes to the sky

-- DHS to Evaluate Small UAS Performance

-- Beyond MUSIC: AV Presses the Envelope in Small UAS

-- Army showcases manned-unmanned innovation, integration and interoperability in MUSIC demonstration

-- The Army Family of SUAS Concept: Overcome by Events?

-- PUMA AE Poised for Army Family of Small UAS Opportunity

-- Is a TRANSCOM Heavy Lift Blimp in the offing?

-- Army's Family of Small UAS - A Program Update

-- Interview with the U.S. Army's Tim Owings, Deputy Program Manager, UAS

-- LEMV Airship Program Readies for Launch

-- Army MQ-1C WARRIOR Reaches the Battlefield

-- Lighter than Air Vehicles - Resizing and Reshaping Logistics and ISR platforms

-- STUAS-Tier II: Lost at Sea?