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Defense Industry Resources

Career Resources for Veterans -- http://www.jobhero.com/veteran-career-guide/
Army Equipment Modernization Strategy -- http://www.g8.army.mil/pdf/AEMS_31MAR15.pdf
Navy Science & Technology (S&T) Strategy -- http://www.navy.mil/strategic/2015-Naval-Strategy-final-web.pdf

U.S. Air Force Budget Documentation -- http://www.saffm.hq.af.mil/budget/

U.S. Army Combat Vehicle Modernization Strategy -- http://www.arcic.army.mil/app_Documents/CVMS_SEP_Master.pdf

U.S. Army Weapon Systems Handbook -- http://asc.army.mil/web/weapon-systems/

U.S. National Security Strategy -- http://nssarchive.us/national-security-strategy-2015/

U.S. Navy Budget Documentation -- http://www.secnav.navy.mil/fmc/Pages/home.aspx

Addiction Resource

CRS: FY17 Defense Budget Request in Brief

CRS Backgrounder on the Future Commission on the Future of the Army

Combatting Terrorism Tactical Support Office (CTTSO) Broad Agency Announcement

SOCOM Mid-Endurance UAS

NAVAIR seeks info on small and nano VTOL Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS)

Army requests information for Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) Platform Performance Demonstration (PPD)

Inter-agency RFI for Sense-and-Avoid UAS Technologies

NAVAIR releases RFI for long-endurance Small UAS



GAO Report on U.S. Strategic Nuclear Forces: Background, Developments, and Issues (November 3, 2015)

Teal Group UAV Market Assessment - Executive Summary

Teal Group‘s 2014 market study on unmanned aerial vehicles indicates a projected $77 billion in global UAV spending over the next 10 years, with spending in the civil market rising alongside the military market’s continued dominance.

CSBA Analysis of the FY14 Defense Budget

-- CSBA Briefing Slides (24 October)

AUVSI: The Economic Impact of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the United States

Cyber Ready? Not So Much (White House FY2012 Report to Congress on the Implementation of The Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002)

Congressional Research Service reports courtesy of Secrecy News:

-- U.S. Special Operations Forces: Background and Issues for Congress, September 18, 2013

-- Navy Force Structure and Shipbuilding Plans: Background and Issues for Congress, September 6, 2013


-- Marine Corps Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) and Marine Personnel Carrier (MPC): Background and Issues for Congress, January 8, 2013

Pentagon Arms Buyer Previews Next Phase Of Acquisition Reforms

- DoD Fact Sheet

- DoD Talking Points

- DoD Roll-out Briefing

- DoD Workforce Memorandum

CBO Report on Homeland Security Budget Request for FY13

DISA Strategic Plan - 2012

Senate Defense Appropriations Committee completes FY13 Mark-up

DoD 2012 Report to Congress on Chinese Military Power

FY13 House Defense Appropriations Committee Report

HASC FY13 National Defense Authorization Act (HR 112-479)

GAO Report on F-35 Concurrency (20 March 2012)

DoD Comptroller - FY12 Green Book of Projected Program Costs

State Department Releases RFP for UAV Service Provision

DoD releases FY13 Defense Acquisition Challenge Call for Proposals

Center for Security Policy - Sequestration economic impact report

SECDEF Pannetta announces FY13 Defense Budget Priorities

-- Link to Briefing

-- "Defense Budget Priorities and Choices"

-- "Fact Sheet: The Defense Budget"

Defense Strategic Guidance

OT&E Report for FY11

CRS Report on DoD Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Defense Strategic Guidance - January 2012

FY12 Defense Appropriations Conference Report

FY12 Defense Authorization Conference Report

FY12 Homeland Security Appropriations Conference Report

Top DoD Contractor Rankings (Washington Technology)

DoD Unmanned Systems Roadmap 2011-2036

"Back in Black" Deficit Reduction Plan (July 2011) - Senator Tom Coburn

CSBA Analysis of the FY12 Defense Budget

Army Modernization Plan -- July 2011

All DoD FY12 Defense Budget Request Documentation


Army releases Draft BAA for JMR/FVL Helicopter Technology Development Phase

SOCOM Seeks Internally-Transportable Vehicle for V-22

Army Armed Aerial Scout (AAS) Request for Information (RFI)

DHS CBP - Integrated Fixed Towers Announcement

State Department RFI for a Military Spec 9MM Pistol

Navy Releases UCLASS Solicitation

CTTSO Broad Agency Announcement

Individual Carbine

SURGE-V Small Unmanned Renewable enerGy long Endurance Vehicle

US Army TACOM Market Survey: Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Active Protection

DHS CBP Request for Information -- Integrated Fixed Towers


Defense Systems Video Links


As described by Oshkosh Defense President John Urias in this YouTube video, the Oshkosh JLTV candidate, the L-ATV, uses next-generation TAK-4i intelligent independent suspension system to deliver new levels of off-road mobility and an advanced armored capsule with a scalable, modular design allows the L-ATV to meet stringent armor requirements while limiting vehicle weight. Advanced engine solutions enhance vehicle performance.


Key Reports / Documents

U.S. Army Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Strategy

U.S. National Security Strategy

2010 UAS Annual Report to Congress

FY11 Defense Budget Overview

FY11 Program Acqusition Cost by Weapons System

P-1 (Procurement Request Details)

R-1 (RDT&E Request Details)

Quadrennial Defense Review (2010)

Ballistic Missile Defense Review

CSBA: An Air Force Strategy for the Long Haul

DoD Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap 2009-2034