This year’s NDIA-run Global Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Symposium & Exhibition saw representatives from NOVO DR unveil the company’s new robot-integrated counter-IED capability.

NOVO DR’s new system, deployed and operated from small unmanned ground vehicles — including, but not limited to Roboteam’s Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR) — provides EOD operators with safe stand-off employment of the company’s world-class digital x-ray screening technology.

As demonstrated in a recent video, the MTGR UGV deploys the NOVO DR rugged, durable, lightweight detector behind suspicious packages and then, by means of the NOVO Falcon Integration Kit, the robot controller can operate both the robot and the X-ray system at the same time, totally eliminating a manned approach to an IED.  This unique kit can be mounted on almost any robot and can even be used as stand-alone accessary on older analog robots, allowing for the NOVO controller to operate the X-ray system for up to 400m line of sight (LOS).   An additional, super long range kit called the NOVO Eagle, can be used for ranges of over 3 kilometers as well.

Said NOVO DR Vice President for Sales Ari Diamond: “This capability, which is applicable to most any modern UGV, is game changing and life-saving for EOD operators.  We are excited with the development, have seen strong interest here at Global EOD, and we can’t wait to see the capability in the hands of operators.”