I. LTAMDS Sense-Off Announcement

This is an initial announcement that the Army is conducting a Sense-Off for Lower Tier Air Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) solutions during 3QFY19. It is the Army’s intent to use the Sense-Off as part of the evaluation to select a single vendor to build and deliver LTAMDS to the Army, supporting achievement of an Initial Operational Capability (IOC). The Government will conduct an Industry Day and expects interested participants to respond to this announcement and commit to the Sense-Off.

The Government will use the Sense-Off as part of the evaluation to award a Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA). The official solicitation will be released in the FY19 Request for Ordnance Technology Initiatives (ROTI) to the National Armaments Consortium (NAC). A NAC membership will be required to respond to the ROTI but is not required to attend the Industry Days. For more information on joining the NAC please visit https://www.nac-dotc.org.

A. Purpose of the Sense-Off
The Government will provide industry the opportunity to demonstrate Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD)-like LTAMDS systems at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), New Mexico, in 3QFY19. The demonstration event, hereinafter termed a “Sense-Off”, is a critical element of the acquisition strategy to procure and field LTAMDS. The vendor solution will interoperate with the Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS) Engagement Operations Center (EOC), and provide weapon guidance support for the family of PATRIOT Advanced Capability (PAC)-3 interceptors. Results from the Sense-Off, digital simulation performance, and the evaluation of the FY19 ROTI proposal will culminate in a DOTC OTA award to a single vendor who will produce six LTAMDS for qualification and fielding to support an IOC in 4QFY22. This will be followed by a follow-on contract for additional quantities.

Program Strategy
The Government is pursuing an accelerated fielding of mature technology (see attached LTAMDS schedule).

The Government will use the Sense-Off, digital simulation results, and the FY19 ROTI proposal to measure vendor performance and assess LTAMDS capability growth potential. A vendor’s sensor solution must be a mature design to support fielding LTAMDS in 4QFY22. The Government will award a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) DOTC OTA to the vendor who can demonstrate holistic system level performance closest to the prioritized and weighted P-Spec threshold requirements, while also granting additional consideration to those vendors whose system potentially meets or exceeds threshold performance values. There will be a subsequent fixed price production contract or OTA for the production and fielding phase. It is anticipated this follow-on contract will be for an additional 16 systems.
Following the Sense-Off, the winning vendor will deliver 6 Production Representative Units (PRUs) via the FFP DOTC OTA for Developmental Testing/Operational Testing (DT/OT) and rapid fielding. The winning vendor will deliver three PRUs by 3QFY21, and three additional PRUs by 1QFY22. The six PRUs will be a mature design and establish the product baseline that supports follow-on production and fielding. The Government will refurbish 4 of the initial 6 PRUs to support a UMR IOC fielding in 4QFY22.
Sense-Off Participation
Vendors will provide evidence of relevant experience, an ability to securely store classified material and documents, and the capability to immediately produce LTAMDS radars in order to establish the need to know to receive the P-Spec.
B. Industry Day (14-15 November 2018)
Vendors will provide the Government a presentation (up to 60 minutes) demonstrating their ability to participate in the Sense-Off. The Government will use this presentation to determine a vendor’s eligibility to participate in the Sense-Off. These will be closed one-on-one sessions, where the vendor describes how they will meet the following to participate in the Sense-Off: 1) How you will meet size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints (described below); 2) How you will demonstrate required LTAMDS design maturity to rapidly fabricate PRUs at OTA award; 3) Inform the Government on Sense-Off and accelerated LTAMDS fielding readiness; 4) Establish a “need to know” to receive the LTAMDS P-Spec; and 5) Evidence of ability to meet minimum range safety and operational approvals. A maximum of five participants per company will be allowed to attend Industry Day.
Vendor presentations will include the aforementioned mandatory items and include the following at a minimum:
1. Describe how the proposed LTAMDS multi-function radar solution provides search, track, classification, discrimination, identification, and weapon guidance support for the family of PAC-3 interceptors contained in a single sensor platform.
2. Describe how the proposed solution interoperates with the IBCS EOC (via Plug and Fight Kit AB-interface) architecture.
3. Describe how the proposed solution meets transportability and mobility requirements per MIL-STD-1366E on a single truck or trailer pulled by a HEMTT class prime mover.
4. Describe how the proposed LTAMDS solution meets power and cooling requirements to support up to 400 KW of prime power.
5. Describe how the proposed solution will operate using commercial generator power (minimum 400KW) and interim tactical power of 150KW maximum (via current PATRIOT EPP).
6. Describe how the proposed solution provides capability against Tactical Ballistic Missile (TBM) and non-TBM Air and Missile Defense threats.
7. Describe the proposed solution’s functionality/performance against the threat across the battle space.
8. Describe how the design incorporates Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) requirements in accordance with DoD Policy and Guidance.
9. Describe capability growth of the design architecture.
10. Describe program approach for participation in the LTAMDS Sense-Off.
11. Describe how the proposed solution addresses PAC-3 Missile Flight Alignment.
12. Describe digital simulation and target injection capabilities.
13. Describe P-Spec compliance crosswalk. (Vendors not participants in the previous CD Phase are exempt from providing a P-Spec crosswalk as part of Sense-Off entrance criteria).
14. Describe ability to meet minimum approvals for range Operational (e.g. radio frequency authorization, security classification guidance, test plans/procedures, test support requirements), Safety (e.g. hazard analysis, safety analysis report, hazard classifications, hazardous materials, standard operating procedures) and Environmental (e.g. input to environmental review).

Establish “Need-to-Know” to Receive P-Spec
The LTAMDS P-Spec is classified SECRET. Industry will establish a “need to know” in order to receive the LTAMDS P-Spec based on their presentation at Industry Day. The Government will use the following criteria to validate the vendor’s need to receive the LTAMDS P-Spec allowing the vendor to participate in the Sense-Off:
1. Vendor provides the Government a letter by mail or email seven days (by 7 November 2018) prior to Industry Day stating intent to provide a system that meets the Sense-Off entrance criteria.
2. Vendor commits to conduct a Design Maturity Assessment and provide to the Government by 2QFY19.
3. Vendor provides evidence of participation in the FY18 LTAMDS Concept Definition phase; or that they are a viable competitor capable of producing a system of similar complexity.
4. Vendors provide evidence of capability to meet SECRET Classification requirements as outlined below.
Sense-Off Participation Notification and P-Spec Receipt
The Government will notify participating vendors within ten (10) business days following the Industry Day, and provide the LTAMDS P-Spec with prioritized requirements at that time. To facilitate Government notification, each vendor shall provide appropriate point of contact information. To facilitate receipt of the P-Spec, the vendor’s presentation should include: company name, company and Government entity (CAGE) code, classified mailing address, and appropriate point of contact information. The Government will provide a complete copy, along with the appropriate security classification guidance, to each validated responder (subject to validation by the LTPO Security Office of each vendor’s security accreditation and eligibility to receive the classified document). Telephone requests WILL NOT be honored. Vendors must provide a complete classified mailing address. No hand delivery or pick-up request for this material will be considered. Government points of contact supporting delivery of the classified document are: Karen Potter, karen.m.potter.civ@mail.mil or alternates: William Pearce, william.s.pearce4.civ@mail.mil, Greg Smith, gregory.l.smith247.civ@mail.mil.

C. Anticipated Sense-Off Details
The Sense-Off will determine the current state of industry’s design solutions. The Sense-Off will consist of a sensor evaluation conducted at WSMR, and a digital simulation evaluation using vendor-provided sensor models. At the Sense-Off, the Government will conduct a design maturity review via the Technical Information Paper (see Section II below), digital simulation results, and face-to-face meeting(s) to determine future state and growth potential. Examples of these reviews are expected to be based on mature and detailed design documentation, such as: A-Spec, B-Spec, C-Spec, Interface Control Documents (ICD), Software Requirement Specifications (SRS), Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Data Package, and Critical Design Review (CDR) Data Package. Vendors must demonstrate a Production Readiness capability, based on factors such as: a demonstrated maturity of manufacturing capability to support system integration, test, and Urgent Materiel Release (UMR) Rapid Fielding. Vendors must demonstrate an understanding of requirements and growth path to achieve P-Spec requirements. Vendors will provide the Government with a requirements crosswalk of what capability they are able to deliver now, and what they can deliver over time.
Anticipated Sense-Off Demonstration
1. Vendor will demonstrate radar emplacement and displacement process with alignment accuracy.
2. The Sense-Off occurs May-June 2019, with each vendor provided two weeks of range time.
3. The Government is responsible for the WSMR and live target related costs of conducting the Sense-Off.
4. The vendors are responsible for specific costs for participation including, but not limited to, transport, set-up, calibration, target emulators, sustainment, data collection and transfer and system operation.
5. The Government will assess operational viability via Soldier touch-point opportunities.
6. The Government will provide the following Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) and Government Furnished Information (GFI) at the Sense-Off to demonstrate operation with various prime power sources: commercial generator power, PATRIOT EPP, and related interface documentation.
7. The vendors are required to operate, and provide their own integration/interoperability solutions using government furnished commercial generator power (minimum 400KW) and interim tactical power of 150KW maximum (via current PATRIOT EPP).
8. The vendors will provide a target injection unit to facilitate testing of their system. The Government will provide the A/B Interface Test Tool (ABITT) as GFE to demonstrate operation with AIAMD equipment (to support integration and tests).
9. The Government will provide the following GFI to demonstrate operation with AIAMD equipment: Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Plug and Fight (P&F) B-Kit to A-Kit Interface Control Document (ICD) and prime power interface documentation (to support integration and tests).
10. For the Sense-Off demonstration, the Government will provide non-TBM and TBM type live targets, Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) jammer, pole jammer and PAC-3 MSE Radio Support Unit (RSU) Test Set.
11. The vendors will provide all necessary Risk Mitigating Framework (RMF)/Information Assurance (IA) credentials so that approvals are granted (i.e. Interim Authority To Operate (IATO, a test specific ATO), etc.) to connect to WSMR networks. The vendor will satisfy all network connection requirements prior to setup at WSMR.
12. The vendor will support all range requirements to ensure the system can be emplaced (safety, environmental, etc.) as well as authorization to radiate/operate.
13. The vendor will conduct a Test Readiness Review (TRR) at WSMR prior to the Sense-Off demonstration.
Anticipated Sense-Off Evaluation
The Government will evaluate vendor performance against current P-Spec requirements at the Sense-Off, which will be used as part of the Government’s evaluation and selection decision under the FY19 ROTI. Both live target testing and digital simulation/target injection will be required to meet these objectives. The Government will provide Sense-Off participants the Draft Sense-Off Evaluation Criteria no later than 14 December 2018. The performance specifications of the evaluation criteria will not change and will be included, for formal response, to all Sense-Off participants no later than 15 March 2019 in the 20-01 ROTI under the applicable technology sub-objective. All Sense-Off participants will receive their demonstration data. The Government will conduct an evaluation to determine which solution performed best against the LTAMDS P-Spec.
1. Power options anticipated to be available are commercial generator power (minimum 400KW) and interim tactical power of 150KW maximum (via current PATRIOT EPP).
2. Radar performance assessments will be prioritized against: commercial generator power and PATRIOT EPP.
3. Radar can demonstrate connectivity and interoperability with AIAMD ABITT.
4. Radar can demonstrate various capabilities via special measurements:
  a. Clutter Attenuation
  b. Jammer noise cancellation in antenna sidelobes
  c. PAC-3 missile datalink transmit/receive
5. Radar can demonstrate the Search/Acquisition functions (under autonomous and cued search) against live and emulated TBM and non-TBM targets across the battle space:
  a. Demonstrate search volume or cued search functionality
  b. Demonstrate detection range
  c. Demonstrate firm track range
6. Radar can demonstrate the tracking function of live targets across the battle space:
  a. Show ability to track ballistic targets
  b. Show ability to track non-maneuvering and maneuvering targets
  c. Demonstrate range & angle measurement accuracy
7. Radar can demonstrate acquisition and track capability of non-TBM in clutter.
8. Radar can demonstrate acquisition and track capability of TBM and non-TBM in Electronic Attack.
II. Request for Information (RFI)
Vendors participating in the Sense-Off will submit a Technical Information Paper (TIP) (up to 50 pages) by 14 December 2018. The intent of this TIP is for industry to provide information to the Government required for range activities as well as to inform future Government Sense-Off and DOTC evaluation activities. The TIP can be CLASSIFIED up to the SECRET level.
The TIP will include the following:
1. Vendors will describe capability to deliver a system to WSMR by 3QFY19 for a Sense-Off demonstration that strives to meets LTAMDS P-Spec requirements.
2. Vendors will describe capability to support a digital simulation assessment of the LTAMDS capability.
3. Vendors will describe capability to manufacture, integrate, test and deliver six PRUs for testing (DTE and LUT).
4. Vendors will describe capability to manufacture, integrate, test and deliver additional Production Units.
5. Vendors will provide a description of specific support, other requirements, and constraints for participating in the Sense-Off demonstration.
6. A technology maturity assessment of the proposed radar design architecture (i.e. conventional, state-of-the-art, next generation).
7. A Technology Readiness/Manufacturing Level (TRL/MRL) assessment of the critical technology elements in the design architecture.
8. A description of how the radar hardware and software architectures will meet MOSA requirements.
9. An assessment defining the vendor’s LTAMDS solution performance capability relative to LTAMDS P-Spec requirements and specific trades the vendor may make.
10. A description of the radar design architecture growth capability.
11. A description of the vendor’s manufacturing resources, production rate capacity, and any limiting factors.
12. For informational and planning purposes, an initial cost estimate for the manufacturing of six Production Representative Units to support DT/OT activities as well as any follow-on production of a minimum of 16 LTAMDS radars.

Sensor Model
Vendors participating in the Sense-Off will provide sensor models to the Government by 1 March 2019 to allow a timely independent assessment of the proposed 4QFY22 capability. The Government will provide industry specific requirements associated with this sensor model by 1 December 2018. The sensor models can be CLASSIFIED up to the SECRET level.
Administrative Remarks
As a condition of responding to this announcement, it is a requirement that the responder possess a valid, active Defense Security Service (DSS) approved facility for generating, receiving, storing, destroying, and processing classified information. The responder must follow the requirements, restrictions, and other safeguards to prevent unauthorized disclosure of classified information in accordance with National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (DoD 5220.22-M guidelines. In addition, the responder should be capable of handling the requirements of ICD-705. Reports of loss, compromise, or suspected compromise must be provided to LTAMDS within 24 hours of the event. The vendor/responder is responsible for ensuring the Personnel Security Clearance Level (PCL) of their personnel is valid and there is a need-to-know. The vendor/responder must ensure material is properly marked and classified to the appropriate level of protection.
Unclassified responses will be received via mail or by email. Mailed unclassified responses should be sent to PEO Missiles and Space, Attn: SFAE-MSL-LTR/Karen Potter, Greg Smith and Steve Pearce, Bldg. 5250, Martin Rd., Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898. Send all emailed unclassified responses to the following e-mail address: Karen Potter, karen.m.potter.civ@mail.mil or alternates: William Pearce, william.s.pearce4.civ@mail.mil, Greg Smith, gregory.l.smith247.civ@mail.mil. All classified responses will be accepted by mail only; please mark it accordingly, and send via proper channels. Send all classified information via FedEx. Classified information should be sent to PEO Missiles and Space, Attn: SFAE-MSL-LTR, Bldg. 5250, Martin Rd., Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898. The inner wrapping shall be addressed to: ATTN: SFAE-MSL-LTR Karen Potter.
The announcement Points of Contact (POCs) are: Joe Levasseur, joseph.e.levasseur2.civ@mail.mil; Karen Potter, karen.m.potter.civ@mail.mil; Steve Pearce, william.s.pearce4.civ@mail.mil; Greg Smith, gregory.l.smith247.civ@mail.mil.
Acknowledgement of receipt will be issued. If response includes proprietary information, please mark it accordingly. Appropriate proprietary claims will be honored and protected to prevent improper disclosure
** ATTENTION **: The LTPO plans to use non-Government support contractors to assess industry responses resulting from this announcement. Thus, if responses include proprietary information, it must be marked accordingly. Each respondent must be willing to sign non-disclosure agreements with these non-Government support contractors so the LTPO can properly protect the proprietary information submitted. The Government will use the following list of non-Government support contractors during this assessment. To facilitate the non-disclosure agreement process, email requests for non-Government support contractor POC information to Joe Levasseur, Karen Potter, Steve Pearce, and/or Greg Smith.
1. Dynetics, Inc., PO Box 5500, Huntsville, AL 35814
2. KBRwyle, 100 Quality Circle, Huntsville, AL 35806
3. Torch Technologies, 4035 Chris Dr, Suite C, Huntsville, AL 35802
4. Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation (GTARC) 505 10th St NW Atlanta, GA 30318
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Lincoln Laboratory (MIT-LL) 244 Wood St. Lexington, MA 02421
6. The University of Alabama in Huntsville, 301 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville, AL 35899
7. Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation, 5030 Bradford Drive Building 2, Suite 205. Huntsville, AL 35805
8. Delta Research Incorporated, 996 Explorer Boulevard, Huntsville, AL 35806

In accomplishing their duties relating to the review process, the above mentioned firms may require access to Proprietary Information contained in the industry responses. Therefore, pursuant to FAR Part 9.505-4, these firms must execute an agreement with each industry respondent that states that they will (1) protect the respondent’s information from unauthorized use or disclosure for as long as it remains proprietary and (2) refrain from using the information for any purpose other than which it was furnished. To expedite the review process, each industry respondent should contact the above companies to effect execution of such an agreement prior to submission of their response(s). Each industry respondent shall submit copies of the agreements with their response(s) or provide a definitive statement that the industry respondent does not consent to the release of the information to the aforementioned.
This shall not be construed by the vendor as an Invitation for Bid, Request for Quote, or Request for Proposal. Additionally, there is no obligation on the part of the Government to acquire any products described in this announcement. The vendor is not entitled to payment for direct or indirect costs incurred in response to this announcement. Funds are not authorized, appropriated, or available to industry for this effort. The Government is currently developing an acquisition strategy that will use the information provided by the vendors during the Industry Day and other Requests for Information. The vendor is responsible for adequately marking data as proprietary, restricted or competition sensitive information, as appropriate, in the response.
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LTAMDS Schedule

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Additional Information for Industry Day

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