The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Directorate of Procurement, on behalf of USSOCOM Program Executive Office-Fixed Wing (PEO-FW), is considering the award of an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Agreement for a Prototype Project for the Armed Overwatch Program (hereinafter “the OTA Agreement”). The Armed Overwatch Program will provide Special Operations Forces (SOF) deployable, affordable, and sustainable single-engine fixed-wing manned aircraft systems fulfilling Close Air Support (CAS), Armed Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (Armed ISR), Strike Coordination & Reconnaissance (SCAR), and Forward Air Controller (Airborne) (FAC(A)) requirements (defined in DoD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, January 2020)[1] in austere and permissive environments for the Countering-Violent Extremist Organization (C-VEO) missions.
The USSOCOM Armed Overwatch Other Transaction (OT) for Prototype effort will consist of three phases. Phase 1, white papers, will occur prior to award of the OTA Agreement. Phase 2, Offeror Deep Dives, will occur prior to award of the OTA Agreement, and the Government may down-select at the end of either or both phases. For Phase 3, the Government intends to award an OTA Agreement to multiple contractors for competitive demonstration and evaluation. The OTA Agreement will require the demonstration of a prototype system evaluated against well-defined criteria to determine whether the prototype project has been successfully completed by the contractor and, if so, whether a follow-on production contract will be awarded to that offeror.

Industry Day Participation Requirement
Only vendors who registered and participated in the Armed Overwatch Industry Day on 4-6 March 2020 are eligible to participate in this OTA opportunity.

The Armed Overwatch Program will provide a deployable, affordable, and sustainable single-engine fixed-wing manned aircraft systems fulfilling CAS, Armed ISR, SCAR, and FAC(A) requirements in austere and permissive environments for the C-VEO missions.
This prototype project initiative will require demonstration of a prototype system evaluated against well-defined criteria for an Armed Overwatch Program.
In accordance with 10 U.S.C. § 2371b(f), the OTA Agreement will include a provision for a potential follow-on production contract to be awarded without additional competition. Basic eligibility to receive a follow-on production contract will require the successful completion of the prototype project. The follow-on contract is expected to be an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity award under: 1) the authorities set forth in 10 U.S.C. ch. 137 and 48 C.F.R. parts 1 and 2; or 2) a similarly structured OTA agreement under the authority of 10 U.S.C. § 2371b(a). Either form of contract shall have a 5-year base ordering period, and a 2-year optional ordering period. The Government estimates an acquisition of 75 aircraft with associated support over the life of the acquisition.

Phase 1 – Notice of Intent (NOI) and Request for white papers: An offeror must submit a NOI prior to white paper submission. The NOI will be in contractor format and include the following:
Company Name and Address
Status as either a traditional defense contractor or non-traditional defense contractor
Cage code
DUNS number
State of incorporation
Corporate license number
Identify if foreign owned or a controlled company with full identification of the parent corporation
Country of affiliation
Identify major subcontractors
Identify whether subcontractors are foreign to include name of foreign vendor(s), foreign country of affiliation and what constitutes the foreign content of their product(s)

Cognizant DCMA Office
The NOI is due via email no later than 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), 8 April 2020 to both points of contacts listed below.
The offeror shall submit a completed Attachment D: Supplier Response Template, and an 8-page white paper for consideration no later than 12:00 PM Noon EST, 1 May 2020. White paper submittals shall be no longer than 8 pages in accordance with page size and format below and should demonstrate: the offeror’s schedule to providing a production ready prototype system capable of satisfying, at minimum, the prototype criteria listed in Attachment A for prototype demonstrations; the risk associated with the proposed solution with respect to cost, schedule, and performance; additional capabilities of the prototype not specifically addressed in Attachment D: Supplier Response Template, and how the offeror plans to comply with the Buy American Act. The Government may request the offeror provide additional documentation to substantiate the proposed capability discussed in Attachment D and the white paper. Substantiating documentation will not count against the maximum page limit. The offeror shall provide the documentation to the Agreements Officer no later than 2 business days after the request in order to be considered for Phase 2. In addition, the offeror shall submit a completed Attachment E (Offeror Certifications and Disclosures). The Government will review responses and select up to five offerors for Phase 2.
Phase 2 – Offeror Deep Dive: During this phase, invited offerors will participate in Offeror Deep Dives. The offeror may be allotted a two-day, one-on-one session with the Government evaluation team at the contractor’s facility. Location of Offeror Deep Dive will be determined at conclusion of Phase 1. Offerors should be prepared to address and provide additional substantiating data arising from the white paper submissions and discuss: 1) technical approach, 2) technical maturity, 3) a schedule detailing prototype completion in time for prototype demonstrations, 4) aircraft integration, readiness, and risks with respect to meeting the prototype criteria listed in Attachment A, 5) supportability readiness in response to a government provided questionnaire, 6) self-assessed manufacturing readiness in response to a government provided questionnaire and 7) all DoD flight and weapons clearances. Offerors will also be asked for a more detailed Attachment D with cost breakout and justification. Specific Phase 2 requirements, expectations, and evaluation criteria will be provided at the conclusion of Phase 1. Affordability of the proposed weapons system and lifecycle costs will be increasingly more important evaluation criteria from Phase 2 through the production award. If the USSOCOM evaluation team favorably evaluates an offeror during this phase, negotiations to be awarded an OTA under Phase 3 may begin in as little as two weeks. The Government will limit OT awards to no more than 4 vendors and will not exceed $4M contribution per vendor for Phase 3. The Government reserves the right not to attend site visits and proceed from Phase 1 to Phase 3.
Phase 3 – Operational Prototype Demonstration / Possible Follow on Production Proposal: Selected offerors will be invited to enter into an OTA Agreement (OTA) to deliver and demonstrate their proposed prototype and to provide a proposal of how the offeror will meet a requirement for up to 75 aircraft over a 5-7 year period if awarded a follow-on production contract. Phase 3 will consist of flight demonstrations at Government test facilities. All offerors will need to be ready to demonstrate their system on the same date. Flight demonstrations are scheduled to occur in November 2020. The Government will identify the specific test dates at the start of Phase 3 and a random draw will determine the order of testing. No award of a follow-on contract for production is guaranteed.

The period of performance for Phases 1-3 will be approximately twelve (12) months, commencing approximately 1 April 2020 and concluding on or about 1 April 2021.

Submissions will only be accepted via email. Please include both points of contacts listed below on each email submission and any other emails transmitted to USSOCOM for any other reasons. Encrypt or password-protect all proprietary information prior to sending via email. Offerors are responsible to confirm receipt with the Agreements Officer listed below.

A page is defined as each face of a sheet of paper containing information. Page size shall be 8.5 x 11 inches. The text size shall be no less than what is equivalent to Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, 12 point, uncompressed font. Use at least 1 inch margins on the top and bottom and 1 inch on the side margins. Pages shall be numbered sequentially. Embedded tables, charts, graphs and figures shall be used wherever practical and shall be uncomplicated and legible. For tables, graphs and figures, the text shall be no smaller than 8 point. The electronic copies of the submission shall be submitted in a format readable by Microsoft (MS) Office Word 2016, Office Excel 2016, pdf as applicable.

All questions/requests shall be directed to the points of contact listed:
Contracting and Agreements Officer:
Mrs. Laura Fuller
Contracts Specialist
Ms. Chastity Hill

Prototype Criteria
Industry Day Registration Form
Go/No-Go Phase I Matrix
Supplier Response Template
Offeror Certifications and Disclosures
Evaluation Criteria
Consolidated Question and Answer Template
Armed Overwatch Concept of Employment

*All Attachments to OTA Notice emailed to registered industry day vendors 1 April 2020