Cobham is proud to announce that it has successfully modified its existing hardware used for oxygen systems in military aircraft to create an air pressure regulator, which can be used within a ventilator system to precisely control the flow of oxygen to the patient.

This regulator has been designed to the working specifications defined by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency for the NHS.

Cobham is working with a UK-based consortium and, subject to regulatory approval, has the capacity to the manufacture up to 1,000 units of the air pressure regulator per day.

Cobham’s support of the Ventilator Challenge is part of the company’s broader commitment to supporting the global fight against COVID-19, which includes leveraging its space pedigree in Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) to analyse the genomic sequence of the virus that causes COVID-19, to enable further insights into how COVID-19 is transmitted and evolves.

Commenting on Cobham’s work on the Ventilator Challenge Shonnel Malani, Chairman of Cobham Limited, said:

“In this time of unprecedented global crisis, Cobham recognizes our responsibility to help in any way we can in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Cobham’s strength is our engineering and R&D which has served us well in aerospace and defence for decades. It is only natural and our duty to apply these same capabilities in our defence against this virus. I am incredibly proud of the men and women of Cobham who have worked selflessly and tirelessly these past weeks to be able to offer this solution.”