Last year’s 2020 AUSA Global Force Symposium was among the very first events in the defense/aerospace sector to be cancelled — just days in advance — due to the developing COVID-19 pandemic. In a now all-too-familiar virtual/immersive mode, this year’s event is themed “US Army – Protecting Tomorrow through Persistent Modernization.”

This year’s event focus, according to AUSA, is on emerging technologies and Army transformation via the signature efforts of the Cross-Functional Teams (CFTs):

“No doubt you’ve heard that the Army is undergoing its biggest transformational change since the 1970s. Emerging technologies like AI, hyper-sonics, machine-learning, nanotechnology, and robotics are driving fundamental change in the character of conflict. To meet the demands of a rapidly evolving battlefield, the Army is exploring leap-ahead advances in technology, partnerships, and engagements. This year’s event will focus on Project Convergence and highlight the Army’s modernization efforts at echelon for an era of competition among today’s great powers. Our program will include live panels, as well as updates from all eight Cross-Functional Teams (CFTs).”