1. Introduction
    The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Program Executive Office for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons (PEO (U&W)), Precision Strike Weapons Program Office (PMA-201) announces its intention to design, develop and procure a carrier aircraft-based offensive strike weapon. The Department of the Navy is developing the Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare Increment 2 (OASuW Inc 2) based on recently completed OASuW analysis activities. OASuW Inc 2 is envisioned to be a long-range, carrier-based, strike fighter aircraft-launched weapon system providing ASuW capabilities. The program is part of the Navy’s Long Range Fires investment approach to meet objectives of the National Defense Strategy. As a key component of this strategy, OASuW Inc 2 will address advanced threats from engagement distances allowing the Navy to operate in, and control, contested battle space in littoral waters and anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) environments.
    THIS SOURCES SOUGHT IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. It is a market research tool being used to determine potential and eligible firms capable of providing the hardware described herein prior to determining the method of acquisition and issuance of a Request for Proposal. The Government is not obligated to and will not pay for any information received from potential sources as a result of this sources sought.
  2. Program Background
    The Navy has begun fielding OASuW Increment 1. However, threat capability continues to advance and additional range and warfare capability and capacity is required to address the more demanding threat environment. The Next Generation Land Attack Weapon Analysis of Alternatives helped better define part of the battlespace, but was primarily focused on land threats. Further analysis was completed to determine the potential alternatives to address ship-based threats and constitutes the primary focus area for OASuW Inc 2. However, land strike does have value to the Government, albeit less important than ASuW, and is an area that the Government also wishes to characterize potential weapon performance.
    The Government expects the acquisition to follow a competitive, phased approach with initial activities focusing on system concepts, model-based systems engineering, preliminary design and technology development and technology integration efforts. Successful offerors may have the opportunity to continue with detailed design, production activities and technology insertion efforts as part of future contracting efforts.
    The effort involves the use of Digital Engineering (DE) and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) utilizing Object Management Group (OMG) Systems Modeling Language (SysML) practices for requirements, design, trade studies, and analyses; as well as the use of DE/MBSE to accomplish technical planning for qualification, component/subsystem testing, manufacturing, and sustainment of the system under representative operational conditions in future phases of the program.
  3. Period of Performance
    The Period of Performance from contract award to initial development activities and preliminary design completion is anticipated to be approximately 24 months with a potential 48 months for follow-on detailed design, integration and test of the selected hardware.
  4. Place of Performance
    Contractor facilities and Government facilities
  5. Requirements
    Operational range: Long Range
    Target peer combatant ships
    Launched from carrier-based strike aircraft
    See paragraph 6.B below
  6. Capability Statement
    Interested parties may submit a capability statement package identifying their interest and capability to respond to the requirement or submit proposals. A determination by the Government not to compete a contract action based upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. Two types of capability statements can be submitted: unclassified and classified. No classified information shall be sent through email.
    A. Unclassified Responses
    The Government will review unclassified capability statements received on or before 15 business days after the posting date of this notice. Capability statements submitted should be pertinent and specific in the technical/management/business area under consideration, on each of the following qualifications:
    What type of work has your company performed in the past in support of the same or similar requirements at the system/lead-integrator level? Please include descriptions of your capability level, experience with Naval Aviation, key personnel, any manufacturing capabilities, operating in a multi-level security construct, etc.
    What type of work has your company performed in the past in support of the same or similar requirements at the subsystem/supplier level? Please include descriptions of your capability level, experience with Naval Aviation, key personnel, any manufacturing capabilities, operating in a multi-level security construct, etc.
    What technologies would your company utilize to meet these requirements and what is the associated maturity/readiness levels?
    How has your company implemented Digital Engineering in the past in support of a development program? Please include descriptions of the scope of the effort and tool sets used.
    How would your company implement Digital Engineering to meet these requirements (e.g. what role can/would you play, what program phase(s) would you use Digital Engineering, what digital tool sets would you implement, what hosting environment would you use, etc.)?
    How has your company implemented efficiencies to reduce development timelines and what are some of those efficiencies?
    Provide a statement including current small/large business status and company profile to include number of employees, annual revenue history, office locations, CAGE code, DUNS number, etc.
    Respondents to this notice must also indicate whether they qualify as a Small, Small Disadvantaged, Small Disadvantaged Veteran Owned Small Business, Women-Owned, 8(a), HUB Zone or Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concern.
    B. Classified Responses

    Additional operational requirements are contained in a classified addendum that describes the system’s concept of employment. This addendum will be available to all Contractors that have a valid classified facility clearance (FCL) and safeguarding up to Secret. The classified addendum will be provided as Government Furnished Information (GFI) via paper copy for any respondents who notify the Government within 5 days of posting of this notice. A DD-254 and information regarding transmittal of the classified addendum will be provided to the requestor no later than 15 business days following receipt of a company request and verification of valid classified facility clearance.
    To request access to this addendum, please contact Ms. Amber Yurko at amber.f.yurko@navy.mil. Please refer to the above announcement number when responding to this notice and provide the following information:
    Company name
    Company point of contact (POC) name, phone number and email address (commercial accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo are not acceptable)
    Current and valid CAGE number/DUNS number
    A statement as to whether the company is registered by the Department of Defense, United States Joint Certification Office (i.e., have a DD 2345 approved by said agency).
    Unclassified mailing address
    Classified mailing address
    Facility Security Officer POC name, phone number, and email address
    For classified Collateral Secret capability statements, the Government will accept responses on or before 15 business days after the offeror has been approved to receive the classified addendum. Respondents should follow the same format utilized in the unclassified response described above.
    In your response, indicate if you believe that during the request for proposal phase your company will need to submit classified information above the Collateral Secret level. At this time, no additional details should be provided. The Government may contact respondents in order to seek clarification of submitted information or gain additional input.
  7. Security Requirements
    The contractor shall comply with security requirements specified in the DD-254 and applicable Security Classification Guide(s). Information or data that the contractor accesses shall be handled and marked at the appropriate classification level in accordance with DoDM 5200.01 (DoD Information Security Program), Volumes 2-3. Controlled Unclassified Information including Covered Defense Information (meeting the definition of 48 CFR 252.204–7012(a)) generated and/or provided under this contract shall be marked and safeguarded as specified in DoD Instruction 5200.48, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).
    All submissions must be clearly marked with the following caption: CUI, Releasable to Government Agencies for Evaluation Purposes Only. Responses that fail to comply with the above instructions or present ideas not pertinent to subject, may not be reviewed. Information submitted in response to this notice will be safeguarded at the appropriate level, as designated by its markings. Information submitted in response to this notice is submitted at no cost to the Government and will not be returned. The Government is under no obligation to provide responses or comments to information received from interested persons, but may request additional information following review.
  8. Submission Instructions
    Interested parties are advised against submitting a capability statement that merely mimics information in this notice, provides brochure-like information, or provides general information. Responses to this notice are not to exceed 20 pages in length on 8.5 x 11 inch paper with one-inch margins and font no smaller than 10 points Times New Roman. The Government requests that respondents deliver unclassified responses electronically via email in Microsoft Word or PDF format with proper data markings.
    Unclassified Responses
    Unclassified responses to this notice can be sent electronically via email to the NAVAIR Contract Specialist at:
    Classified Responses
    Classified responses to this notice shall be sent via mail with the following addresses on the outer and inner envelope:
    Outer label:
    47123 BUSE ROAD BUILDING 2272
    PMA-201 SUITE 448
    PATUXENT RIVER MD 20670-1547
    Inner label:
    47123 BUSE ROAD BUILDING 2272
    SUITE 448
    PATUXENT RIVER MD 20670-1547

OASUW INC 2 Source Sought Solicitation – https://beta.sam.gov/opp/19ea9ee8ee924f538de08bfeef59d386/view