CINCINNATI, OHIO (June 22, 2021) – Veelo Technologies is excited to announce that the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) (China Lake, CA) has exercised its option with Veelo (General Nano, LLC, dba Veelo Technologies) to accelerate the development of next-generation advanced solid rocket motor cases.

Veelo had been previously awarded a contract to enhance the performance of traditional graphite epoxy composite tactical missile solid rocket motor cases. The purpose of this “Phase I” was to improve high structural loading, high aerothermal, Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E^3), and lightning strike protection requirements of surface-launched tactical missile systems.

According to Mr. Joe Sprengard, Jr, President and CEO at Veelo, “Based on our performance in Phase I, we were awarded this extension to move into Phase II, which is an acceleration of the project. We could not be more proud to be a part of this very important work with the NAWCWD and other partners involved. The rocket propulsion market is experiencing tremendous growth, and we are pleased that our solutions will help the market achieve performance and weight requirements.”

Veelo Technologies is leveraging its proprietary composite protection materials to achieve program goals. Veelo’s advanced materials solutions are designed for next-generation composite platforms. They have demonstrated the unique ability to improve mechanical performance and meet multiple electromagnetic effects requirements in one solution – lightning strike protection, EMI shielding, and survivability. Additionally, Veelo’s materials are significantly lighter than incumbent systems. Weight savings is a premium value for tactical missiles and space applications.

About Veelo Technologies
Veelo Technologies, a General Nano company, is an innovation company that develops advanced materials and manufacturing solutions for the fast-growing aerospace and defense composites industry, as well as for medical, battery, and electric vehicle applications. With headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company’s core competencies include chemistry, materials science, custom formulations, scaled manufacturing, and systems and application engineering.  

Veelo Technologies’ advanced material solutions include lightweight, multifunctional conductive materials that protect composite air vehicles from lightning strikes and electromagnetic effects and enhance survivability; lightweight heating solutions that enable out-of-autoclave (OoA), and out-of-oven (OoO) composite processing; and non-metallic, next-generation de-icing solutions.

The company’s team of scientists and engineers work side-by-side with technologists at the Department of Defense and global aerospace and defense companies to develop next-generation advanced materials and manufacturing solutions.