Mercury has debunked the industry assumption that no solution can provide advanced security and data center processing performance on an environmentally protected, SWaP-optimized 6U OpenVPX board without compromising performance, security or operational viability.

Meet our new myth buster, the HDS6705 secure multiprocessing module.

Proven Security – Ensure data confidentiality and hardware integrity with Mercury’s built-in Gen 4 BuiltSECURE™ SSE IP— even if the platform is compromised

High Performance – Easily handle the big data sensor-processing/sensor-fusion workloads of edge applications with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with 22 cores

SOSA Alignment – Promote rapid modernization with an interoperable, flexible, open architecture design

Environmental Protection – Experience efficient, secure, multifunction processing capabilities on SWaP-constrained platforms anywhere with advanced ruggedization and size, weight, power and cooling optimization

Low-Power Option – Benefit from the same built-in security protections but in a more balanced performance/watt configuration with the lower-density EnsembleSeries™ LDS6708 single-board computer