This is a Sources Sought Notification (SSN) only, as defined in FAR 15.201(e).  It does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a promise to issue an RFP in the future.  All interested parties are encouraged to respond to this SSN. Responses to this notice shall not be construed as offers and cannot be accepted by the government to form a binding contract.  The U.S. government will not pay for any information or administrative cost incurred in response to this SSN.  All costs associated with responding to this SSN will be solely at the expense of the interested party.  Not responding to this SSN will not preclude participation in any future RFP if issued. 

The Government is conducting market research for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems International Program Office (IPO), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama to identify and determine potential sources to support the Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) Foreign Military Sales requirements. This SSN is issued for conducting market research that will be used to formulate acquisition strategies.  There is no solicitation package available at this time. This SSN allows potential contractors to submit a non-binding statement of interest and documentation demonstrating their corporate capabilities, size and social economic characterization IAW NAICS 336411 SBA size standards and suggestions that will allow the government to refine its potential acquisition course of action for any effort. The information provided herein is subject to change and in no way binds the government to solicit for or award a competitive contract.


The Unmanned Aircraft System’s identified in the four attachments are managed by the UAS International Program Office, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, and comprises a Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting, and Acquisition, (RSTA) platform that transmits live airborne video images, compass headings and location information to a Ground Control Station (GCS). This capability enables operators to navigate, search for targets, assess terrain, and record all information for further analysis. A system generally consists of the following basic components: Unmanned Aircraft (UAs); Ground Control Station (GCS); Electro-Optic/Infrared (EO/IR) Payloads.  An Initial Spares Package (ISP) is also generally included to enable initial system integration at the onset of customer use. Follow-on system sustainment is generally provided for utilizing Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) services and spare parts for the duration of the system service life.


The Redstone Army Contracting Command, on behalf of the IPO, is seeking qualified business candidates that are capable of providing up to 20 each Unmanned Aircraft Systems, services and support to satisfy full spectrum FMS requirements.  Potential vendors must have the capability to provide systems that are equal to the Unmanned Aircraft Systems identified in the attachments, appropriate system training, and system sustainment support for up to 5 years following delivery. Equal is defined as: “Must meet or exceed the Form, Fit and Function and the attached operational characteristics of the Unmanned Aircraft System”.


The NAICS Code for this effort is 336411 with a SBA size standard of 1500 People.


A decision as to the type of contract and competition will result from an analysis of this SSN. 


Written responses to this SSN are requested to be no more than 10 single-spaced, 8.5 x 11 inch pages using 12 point Times New Roman font minimum per system. If the material provided contains proprietary information, please mark accordingly and provide disposition instructions (submitted data will not be returned). Classified material shall not be submitted. The response should include the following:

1.  A company profile to include size determination IAW SBA business size classification (i.e. Other Than Small; Small; Small Disadvantaged; Veteran Owned; Service Disabled, Veteran Owned; or HUBZ one), number of employees, Cage Code, DUNS number, major products, primary customer base, statement on whether your interest in this sources sought is for the purpose of becoming the prime offeror or to inquire about subcontracting possibilities, and points of contact who are able to discuss the material submitted.  Companies should indicate whether they are a manufacturer or non-manufacturer, based on the regulation contained in FAR 19.102(f). 

2.   A description of your company’s past experience and performance on similar contracts involving the delivery of unmanned aircraft systems, training services, and sustainment support.  Your company’s response should differentiate between experience on contracts supporting commercial / non-governmental, and governmental customers.

3.  A summary of your company’s capability, capacity, and approach for satisfying the three basic aspects of FMS requirements; the commercial system, customer training, and follow on sustainment. In addition, provide feedback on any of the Government’s objectives which may unnecessarily drive schedule and/or cost. Indicate how those objectives may be tailored to improve schedule or reduce cost. This summary should include a listing of the system(s) being proposed.

4. A summary of the current technological applications, if it has been recently fielded or demonstrated, and associate programs and/or sponsors.

5. A clear and concise delineation of system capabilities and technical description to include:

a. How your company’s solutions [Unmanned Aircraft System] meets or exceeds the Operational, Technical, and Service and Support Characteristics identified in the attachments.

b. Baseline configuration [major system components and relevant accessories].

c. Alternate system configurations.

6. An assessment of the maturity and interoperability of the solution, citing any open architectures, and interoperability standards employed.

7. Identify intellectual property and data rights; as well as, the availability of all software and hardware components.

8. A summary of warranty information to include basic terms, conditions, and duration of coverage.

9.  Any other information your company deems necessary to aid the Government in refining its acquisition strategies and assessing your company’s capability.  Respondents are urged to limit marketing material in order to provide more substantive information in their response.  The government will not review any pages beyond the limits stated or information including appendices, marketing brochures, catalogs, videos, etc.  The government will evaluate the responses to help identify interest and the ability of the vendor community to provide support in the areas outlined in this SSN.  Information received in response to this notice will not be duplicated or used for any purposes other than those stated in this notice.

10.  All responses should be received no later than 15 September 2021.  Formats should be viewable in Microsoft Word ® or Adobe Reader ®.  No telephonic discussions will be held. Limited questions and comments will be entertained, and must be in writing via email. The government maintains Government Purposed Data Rights; therefore it will not be able to provide data to interested sources for the SSN.  All interested offerors must be registered in Central Contractor Registry (CCR) and ORCA under this NAICS specified in this SSN to be eligible for award of government contracts. EMAIL IS THE PREFERRED METHOD FOR SUBMITTING RESPONSES TO THIS SSN. Submit responses to the following:

Primary Point of Contact:
Anthony L. Jones

Secondary Point of Contact:
Teresa W. Jordan

Contracting Office Address:


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Attachment 4 RQ-20 PUMA AE-3 Operational Technical Service Support Characteristics.pdf (opens in new window)
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